Corn flakes
Energy/Caloric value of 100g:

1491 kJ/356 kcal

Max. Moisture (%):

12,6 max


1% max


0.45-0.6 mm

Shelf Life:

12 month


three-layer paper

Ash content:


CERTIFICATES: Gluten free, ISO, Halala
PACKAGE: The products are available in three-layer paper laminated bags of 20 kg. and in 400g. pp. bags.
Corn flakes are made of corn grits, cleaned from impurities by a flattening process in which the corn grits are rolled to a suitable thickness.
Shipping and Storage: Keep in cool, dry and well-ventilated places under temperature not more than 20°C and humidity not higher than 70% Special precautions for use: None.