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I have always been interested in health. Of course, first of all spiritual healthis important, but physical health is an integral part of it. When I gainedspiritual meaning in my life, I wanted to give a piece of my love to all people.It so happened that at that time the owner of our company was recruitinga new team of employees, and in the company BVA Trading I foundmy like-minded people. Together we searched for what we could do best,and came to the conclusion that by distributing healthy products aroundthe world, we can come in contact with all people, and thus transfer thema piece of our love. Passing through many trials and making a lot of mistakes,we developed a clear strategy for our company, aimed at meeting customer needs and preserving the health of mankind.

Quality control is carried out in three stages:

Incoming raw material inspection Process inspection Production inspection

We pay particular attention to the level of gluten. The analysis is performed using the RIDA-QUICK Gliadin test system

manufactured by R-Biopharm (Germany).

Who We Are?

We are passionate about the desire to make this world better and to benefit humanity by spreading healthy nutrition across the Earth is an integral part of our work.

When we have just been started to work with a Gluten Free Products, we thought about our families, about the benefits that we want to bring to this world and about big, progressive in course of time, health problems of the current generation. The idea is to create something that will help millions of people with celiac disease (gluten intolerance) and the desire to keep a healthy, proper lifestyle.

Products of our company - it is environmentally friendly, hypoallergenic food that is suitable for people of all ages and taste preferences. We work hard for your success. We build friendly, truthful and long term relationship with a partners, because we are sure - this is first step to success.

We support customers will to create own brand. We sell 100% Natural and High quality products with a private label.


We offer to our customers to create completely new products or improve existing offers. We take into account all the wishes of our client.

We always take into account the wishes of our customers, provide samples of products, and cooperate with the client's technologist in order to find the exact type of flour/pasta that meets all the requirements.

We are pleased to share a particle of our soul with all the World.

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What is Gluten mean?

Gluten is a vegetable protein, which is a part of cereal crops, such as wheat, semolina, starch and barley. The main property of this product is to glue the substances into a homogeneous mass…

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